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Phishing and Malicious URL Data
Protect yourself from malicious URLs in phishing attacks

Alarm Bells Are Ringing

The cyber security landscape is continuously evolving and posing greater risks to businesses worldwide, ranging from reputational damage and theft of intellectual property to direct financial costs.

Using sophisticated techniques, savvy cybercriminals have become more adept as well as creative at luring people in and getting them to click, download, and open an attachment in order to obtain personal data or distribute malware.

Challenges of Cyber Security
Malicious URLs that often look legitimate are widely used to propagate attacks. Ransomware and phishing, the most popular email threats often use malicious links to target users and inflict damage. It is estimated that every minute, three new phishing websites go live on the internet to target users. Yes, that’s right. It highlights the extent to which the digital ecosystem is at risk.

Urgent Need To Gear Up

What’s even more distressing is that the effectiveness and quality of phishing attacks are increasing as cybercriminals leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to plan and build their attacks. Security systems that even inspect URLs initially are being easily deceived by cybercriminals using benign websites. Plus, given that users are clicking from a number of different end points renders the widely used end-point based security systems useless.

This is why it is imperative for you to strengthen and upgrade your cybersecurity defenses.

The Pipeline Security Solution

Pipeline Security provides comprehensive threat protection to safeguard businesses from malware, malicious URLs, phishing, spam, and targeted cyber attacks.

|Enhance Security

Using historical and predictive analytics, effectively weed out malicious URLs on and off the network that too from any device.

Block malicious communication going in and out from any known botnet command and control servers

Eliminate false positives and forward only the ‘real’ concerns to security analysts

|URL and Phishing Defense

Pro-actively detect new phishing attacks and block them before your users even click on them

Instantly identify phishing URLs and trigger automated workflows to block access across your entire network

Thoroughly analyze domains for non-western characters and punycode domains to safeguard yourself from domain similarity attacks

|Real-Time Protection

Phishing and Malicious URL Threat Data helps to protect businesses worldwide, including industry-leading ISP’s, OEM, and enterprise businesses.

Ensure nothing escapes detection by b comprehensively analyzing destination URL sent to your user’s emails

Cloud-based security solution to provide cross-network security, anytime, anywhere

Team Up With Pipeline Security

Our cutting-edge tools and technologies in addition to specialized staff will boost your business security by enhancing your capabilities, allowing you to monitor threats in real-time, and respond accordingly.

Benefit from Pipeline Security’s URL defense solution to seamlessly run your business while keeping your organization safe no matter what.

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