Botnet Command & Control Data

Block bot communication and malicious processes

Bots And Botnets

Bot threats are automated misuse of action or functionality that negatively impacts the user experience and web applications.

Botnets enable cybercriminals to achieve scale and inflict damage in a short period of time.

Attacking end-user devices and enlisting them into a botnet, malware makes infected devices a part of the command and control center where they become cyber attackers’ tools to perform automated attacks.

Bots Wreaking Havoc

Bots can steal data and intellectual property, send extensive volumes of spam, hoard resources, break into user accounts, perform malicious activities as well as credential stuffing, and launch DDoS attacks. This is why you need to guard against them.

Bot Mitigation is Imperative

Financial institutions, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunication companies, airlines, and various other businesses are at risk from bots. That’s not at all surprising given the lucrative monetary reward for cybercriminals.

Re-think C&C Botnet Protection

More than half of the entire internet traffic comes through bots – good and bad. Hence, it goes without saying that managing malicious bot traffic is vital. What’s even more alarming is the fact that with the technological evolution, bots have gotten extremely sophisticated and difficult to detect as they now are almost indistinguishable from human users. This means conventional cybersecurity solutions cannot guard against bots.

Command & Control Identification

Botnet command and control threats are complex as well as difficult to tackle. This is why you need sophisticated and advanced security solutions to prevent data breaches, unexpected high costs, and damage to your brand’s reputation.

Mitigate C&C Risk. Safeguard Your Business.

Stop botnet command and control threats before they even arrive and infiltrate your networks. Detect malicious communication and effectively eliminate it with Pipeline Security’s Botnet Command And Control Data.

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Why Pipeline Security to Protect You Against Botnets?

Unfortunately botnets are continue to grow, diverse, and ubiquitous. They present unforeseen risks to your network security.
Pipeline Security provides pro-active, multi-layered security solutions that detect as well as block bad bots before they can hit your network.

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