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Identify and prevent compromised accounts

Data - The Ultimate Commodity

For businesses operating around the globe, protecting their data is a top priority, and it comes as no surprise given how valuable the data is.

In this digital era, gaining access to that data, regardless of where and how it is stored, is a mere game for cybercriminals.

Authentication and Login Abuse – A Major Threat

It is estimated that around 7 million data records are compromised every single day. Yes, that’s right. From phishing attacks carried out by creating fake landing pages to brute force attacks made simple by automation tools as well as fraud botnets, hackers gain unauthorized access to business accounts using a range of tactics.

This perpetuates a domino effect in this cloud-based business world where digital assets are all linked – by gaining access to one account; cybercriminals can take control of multiple applications and, in turn, heaps of valuable data.

The One-Stop Data Security Solution

Security Pipeline provides a comprehensive multi-layered threat intelligence service that helps you identify and stop hackers before they do any damage.

|Detect and Eliminate Threats Others Miss

|Safeguard Your Digital Assets

|Adapt and Improvise

Team Up With Pipeline Security

Our certified and experienced security specialists work in conjugation with extremely sophisticated technological solutions to safeguard your business from cybercrime.

Protect your business from possible frauds, data leakages, and potential privacy data exfiltration while benefiting from lower operating costs as well as high efficiency, using Pipeline Security’s unique threat intelligence solution.

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