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Focus on What Matters

When it comes to the internet, it simply doesn’t get more basic than the Domain Name System (DNS) and email. Probably that’s why they are usually overlooked when it comes to security.

Most cyberattacks are initiated through DNS and email, and thus, their monitoring is crucial.

What is DNS and Why is it Essential?

DNS is the pillar on which the internet stands. It is the decentralized naming system for all resources connected to the internet and is a treasure trove of data. Whenever, anyone, anywhere uses the internet, be it for sending out an email, browsing through social media or visiting a website, it involves a DNS query. What’s more is that it is at the very heart of your business communication, processes, systems, and devices.

The Challenges and Threats of the Modern Era

Mobile workforces using a multitude of devices to do diverse tasks across a range of platforms is the norm today. This increases your business’ vulnerabilities, exposing you to cyberattacks that can cripple your business by hurting your reputation, adversely impacting your bottom line, and evaporating customer trust. Hence, the need for DNS and email security monitoring is now more than ever.

Protect Your Business

Pipeline Security offers highly effective, easy to use, cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid DNS & email security solutions tailored to safeguard your business.

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Address Critical Security Vulnerabilities with Pipeline Security

We help you predict, pinpoint, and block threats – small and large – in a sea of data noise, protecting your business from ramifications and allowing you to operate smoothly.

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