Threat Analytics & Intelligence

Provide real-time insights and isolate cyber threats for remediation

What is Threat Detection?

Getting breached or dealing with a ransomware attack is a businesses worst nightmare. Most organizations will prioritize their information will put smart people and security technologies in place to build a defensive. Security is an ongoing process and nothing is a guarantee for protection.

Businesses must think of the worst case scenarios, for situations when someone or something has slipped past their defensive and preventative technologies. Being able to identify these threats will help businesses implement and remediate threats quickly and effectively.

Avoid Information Security Incidents Like Data Leakages, Hacks, Ransomware and Cyber Fraud.

Nowadays an average enterprise operates with up to 30 security products and services from different vendors to manage their overall security operations. This approach can lead to high overhead costs, management complexity, and a higher margin of error in daily operations. In order to decrease operation complexity, organizations need to implement a threat detection and response plan which includes threat hunting, analytics, compliance evaluation, security automation, remediation of potential threats, and much more.

Speed is crucial when it comes to identifying, detecting, and responding to cyberthreats. A businesses cyber security program must be able to identify and detect threats quickly and efficiently so attackers don’t have time to build backdoors and root around in sensitive data.. Businesses will build threat detection programs and the response to these identified and emerging attacks is critical to limit the amount of damage the business will sustain from these cyber threat.

So how can an organisation respond to known and emerging threats?

Threat intelligence data will help businesses identify threats from previously seen attacks and provide correlation data to additional dns, mail, and network data to identify threats. This makes it particularly effective at detecting known threats and commonly used in security strategies when implementing a SIEM, Intrusion Detection System IDS, and web security technologies. Analysing threat analytics with user and device analytics will give businesses a baseline understanding of how they should respond to the incoming attack.

Our Threat Identification and Response Solutions

With a baseline knowledge of activity, businesses will be able to implement a remediation plan such as patching vulnerable systems, blocking infected devices, identifying malicious users and more. Threats detected on the network over time will provide facts to activities that an attacker leaves behind. It takes both technology and the human mind to put these pieces together, & threat identification and response plan will help businesses form a picture of what an organization needs when threats occur.

Enterprise Threat Analytics

Reduce running costs by removing the need to hire internal security personnel focused on researching your businesses cyber threats. We will help you to block malicious connections, malware, phishing, and other potential cyber threats.

DNS & Email Threat Analytics

Our DNS & Email threat monitoring will provide with clear details on specific threats, such as infected IoT devices, computers with malware, cryptocoin related malicious activities, or botnet activities.

Data Analytics & Classification

We help process and analyze your web, social media and mobile app data to provide businesses with valuable insights for security & compliance.

How to get the best from threat intelligence.

A robust and highly effective email security solution is a necessity for businesses – small and large – as it helps avoid costly data

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