Law Enforcement And CERT

Helping Law Enforcement and CERTS take the fight to cybercriminals

Extensive Range of Cyber Threats

From hacking networks for surveillance and security breaches focused on getting financial details to the exfiltration of data in order to affect democratic processes and destabilize political systems, cyberattacks are increasing in scope, scale, and severity.

Increased Co-operation the Need of the Hour

The acceleration and volume of cyberattacks against countries and businesses are such that they are fast-becoming daily headlines. Yet, the responses have so far been insufficient.

The digital economy, governance structures, institutions, and individuals worldwide, all are at the mercy of the destabilizing and damaging cyber attacks. There isn’t one particular industry or country that is at risk but the entire international community. Hence, the response needs to be global as well.

Cyber Enforcement Gap

Challenges in being able to conduct global investigations on cyber attackers usually operating in foreign lands, using diverse technology, techniques, and systems. Tackling cybercrime is only possible through the collaboration of all public and private entities in the connected global ecosystem.

Information sharing while respecting the rights to privacy and successful integration of stakeholders – victims, law enforcement agencies, Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) bodies, businesses, and government – is essential to curb malicious endeavors, mitigate the impact, forestall escalation and fights against sophisticated cybercrime.

Law Enforcement & CERT Portal

To safeguard businesses from cybercrimes and protect businesses, it is vital to enable global investigations. This is where the need for a sustainable portal to eliminate the enforcement gap arises.

Pipeline Security provides access to a state of the art cybersecurity portal that is developed specifically to facilitate law enforcement agencies and CERTS by providing them holistic data at zero cost.

|A New Global Architecture

|Fostering Greater Collaboration

|Safer Internet

Tackle Growing Challenge of Cyber Security With Pipeline Security

Increasing dependence on the internet, the exponential growth of technology and interconnected devices, rapid globalization in addition to the intertwining of digital networks as well as infrastructure have all heightened the exposure to cyber risks.

Pipeline Security provides actionable intelligence so that you can remain one step ahead of cybercriminals and smoothly conduct your business, anytime, anywhere.

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