Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC)

Security Hub That Provides Cyber Immunity

How Things Currently Stand

With continuous technological advancements and rise of digitization in this internet age comes sophisticated cybersecurity threats unlike that ever seen before. Not only are the odds of a security breach considerably higher now, but so are the costs associated with it.

What Businesses
Are Doing

Businesses are scurrying to find security solutions to protect themselves against catastrophic cyber-attacks. While some enterprises depend on various cybersecurity products to do it all for them, others simply outsource their cybersecurity to external service providers, thinking that will ensure their safety. At the same time, some are opting for the effective strategy of incorporating a security operation center (SOC).

The Popular

Businesses build a SOC and think that’s sufficient. Well, that’s not the case at all. To fight modern global cyberattacks business need to go above and beyond than just creating a SOC. They need to equip it with the ideal combination of technological solutions and superior processes under the command of qualified and experienced security analysts as well as engineers. Without the right security intelligence and knowledge, SOC won’t be able to adapt to the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

What is a Security Operation Center (SOC)?

Simply put, a SOC is the security hub of an organization – the centralized command post. It consists of specialized people, processes, and technology that continuously monitor all systems on an on-going basis and works tirelessly to prevent, detect, analyze, mitigate, and respond to cybersecurity threats in real-time.

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With years of proven experience and expertise in conducting specialized cybersecurity research, leading challenging cybersecurity projects, and managing high-end protection technologies, Pipeline Security is the market leader when it comes to powering your SOC to fight cybercrime.

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