DNS Firewall and Response Policy Zones

Gain Proactive Network Protection and Secure Your Digital Assets

A Wakeup Call

Do you know that more than 90 percent of malware uses DNS to communicate with command and control servers, steal business data as well as intellectual property and redirect traffic to malicious sites?
Given that DNS is the core of the internet, helping drive traffic to the right destination it is understandable why it is frequently exploited by cybercriminals and used as an attack vector.

Conventional Security Solutions Are Redundant

Your existing security measures and perimeter defenses are not sufficient to fight against menacing DNS attacks. After all, users take their devices outside, acquire infections, and bring them back, compromising your network.

While you can ensure the security within your controlled network, you cannot control what happens outside. In this fast-paced tech-driven

Re-think And Re-Imagine Network Security

Thousands of users and devices inside and outside your network depend on DNS to connect to online services, websites, and systems.

By putting effective security measures utilizing DNS, you can protect yourself from malicious domains used by botnets, phishing, ransomware, malware, and malicious communications.

Block Malicious Actors with Pipeline Security

Pipeline Security’s network security solution, featuring DNS Firewall and Response Policy Zones can proactively safeguard your network against rapidly evolving, elusive malware threats using DNS.

|Add An Additional Layer of Security

|Adapt to Evolving Threats

|Smart DNS Security

Raise Your Security to The Next Level

Traditional security service cannot fight and protect you from malware that leverages DNS.

Prevent, isolate, and remediate DNS based threats automatically with Pipeline Security’s highly effective as well as efficient cybersecurity service – DNS Firewall and Response Policy Zones.

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