BGP Firewall & Botnet C&C Protection

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Botnets: Ignore Them At Your Own Peril

Botnet is a network of computers that are infected with malicious software and commanded as well as controlled by cyber attackers. Increasing in popularity due to their effectiveness, botnets are a major threat in this rapidly advancing Internet of Things (IoT) world where inter-connected devices rule.

Malicious Use of Botnets

Botnets gain full remote control of computers – same as the legitimate user – and continue to add them in the nefarious network of infected computers, formulating a bot army. They are attackers’ favorite tool. After all, they help in spamming, DDoS and malware attack, doing it all from exfiltrating valuable data to stealing intellectual property.

Switch From Conventional To Modern Cybersecurity

Extremely hard to detect, botnets are resilient as they deploy extensive operational security to bar intruders and hide their integral command and control (C&C) servers. The deeply entrenched malware in the infected PCs, allow botnets to withstand anti-virus as well as conventional security tools. While protection against botnets is essential for the safety and smooth functioning of your business, it is not at all easy.

This is where Pipeline Security’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Firewall and Botnet Command and Control Protection comes in.

All About Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

BGP is the core of the internet, routing traffic through the most efficient route. The BGP firewall prevents any communication between the network devices and the IPs on the botnet command and control list. Botnet operators are therefore unable to contact any infected devices (bots) on the network. This helps protect businesses from data exfiltration, theft of data, and prevents botnet operators from committing other cybercrimes.

The BGP firewall is a critical part of an in-depth, multilayered network defense strategy that safeguards businesses from bots, command & control, and infected devices.

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Invest in protecting your network from botnets. Secure your business network against even the most sophisticated attacks. Embrace Pipeline Security’s network solution – BGP Firewall and Botnet Command and Control Protection.


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