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Network security content filtering data for businesses

Network Threat Protection

Accessible, Accurate, & Actionable Cyber Threat Data

The internet was never designed for security so thankfully our network security protection data is. Even the best run networks can be abused and our network threat protection data helps businesses stay on top of their network security by reducing exposure to known malicious IP addresses and could pose a threat to your network
Threats are always evolving. So are we. Our data tackles the challenges of the everchanging attack methods such as cryptojacking operations, command & control networks, and blocks other unwanted or insecure traffic such as TOR exit nodes. Our data works for you 24 hours, 365 days, keeping your business safe from malicious online communications.
New Cyber Threats
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Accessible, Accurate, &
Actionable Cyber Threat Data
Our network threat protection data covers millions of known bad IP’s and domains used as malware dropper sites, malware hosting sites, malicious redirectors, botnet command and control servers and other malicious cyber activity. All our data is maintained at near zero false positive rates, so you’re protected from the bad guys without slowing down your business
We provide cyber threat data for a variety of open source and commercial security solutions, including Elastic, Splunk, Snort, Zimbra, Graylog, Postfix, Infoblox, F5, Nominum, Unbound, Bind, EfficientIP and much more. See just how flexible and easy it can be to implement our network protection data as part of your existing security solutions

Protect your network with realtime solutions

IPS/IDS Automated Protection
Our automatic IDS/IPS SNORT updates consist of netblocks that are “hijacked” or leased by professional spam or cyber-crime operations used for dissemination of malware, trojan downloaders, botnet controllers.

BGP Firewall & Botnet C&C Protection

The BGP firewall contains several cyber threat data sources of IPs that deliver intelligence on botnet controllers and bots on the Internet.

Dns Firewall & Response Policy Zones

RPZ (Response Policy Zone) has the ability to block resolution of known malicious domains at the DNS Resolver lookup fort he entire network. Similar in concept to blocklist but designed specifically for DNS lookups with far greater coverage.

DNS Response Policy Zone Feed List, published for consumption

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