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Cyber Security – A Perpetual War

Majority of the businesses guard themselves against various types of malware such as viruses and ransomware. They take phishing attacks seriously and go above and beyond to protect themselves from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks as well as data breaches. However, the fight against cybercriminals is relentless, and it will always remain so.

Rising Threats

One major reason why the battle against malicious actors continues to be never-ending is the ever-evolving nature of threats that hit you out of nowhere. Newly Registered Domains (NRDs) are identified as a prime example of such high-risk threats businesses worldwide need to counter against.

What Are Newly Registered Domains (NRDs)?

NRDs are sites that have are ‘brand new’. They have either registered or changed ownership very recently.

What’s the Big Deal About NRDs?

Think about it. Websites that are created with the sole purpose of committing a cybercrime would be younger, wouldn’t they? After all, any sites that are identified as malicious are either forced to shut down, blocked or abandoned.

Legitimate organizations will only in very rare cases activate a domain and start using it immediately after registration. Plus, websites that are legitimate would in the majority of the cases be relatively older. These are the websites that your users would more likely to have a legitimate reason to visit or from whom traffic will be directed towards you.

The Pressing Need To Act

NRDs are extremely risky. It is estimated that more than 70% of NRDs are “malicious” or “suspicious” or “not safe for work”.
Businesses need to protect themselves from it by taking active cybersecurity measures. Pipeline Security can help you do just that.

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Become Cyber Resilient With Pipeline Security

It’s not a hidden fact that cybercriminals strive to avoid detection, mitigation, and blocking to succeed. Make sure you have the right security solutions to protect your business.

With Pipeline Security’s Zero Reputation & Emerging Threats Protection consisting of superior DNS security, URL
filtering, and real-time threat intelligence as well as protection, you simply cannot go wrong.

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