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Anti Spam And Malicious IP Protection
Fight Spam And Protect Your Business

What is Spam?

Spam is junk, unsolicited, and unwanted emails in bulk. With the commercial use of the internet in the 1990s came email spam, and to this day, businesses are struggling to guard themselves against them.

The never-ending commercial advertisements, fake antivirus warnings, email spoofing, money scams, and sweepstakes winners are some common types of scams.

Businesses Under Attack

You definitely would have experienced the frustration and a decrease in efficiency that comes with spam emails. But do you know that it can have serious business implications for you?

From being lured into giving personal information and becoming a victim of identity theft to downloading malware and infecting your own network as well as others, you are at risk.

Put Things Into Perspective

Approximately 54.6% of the total email traffic worldwide consists of spam, as pointed out by Kaspersky and Symantec. Spam accounts for around 15 billion messages globally per day, and it is estimated that an average email user receives at least 16 malicious spam emails per month. Yes, that’s right!

For businesses, this means dodging thousands of potential redirects to malware-infected sites, botnets, and other malicious activities that can compromise your business – every single day. One mistake and there’s no coming back.

You need to bolster your email security, and you need to do it right now.

Inbox Protection With Pipeline Security

Pipeline Security, with its leading email security solutions consisting of anti-spam and IP protection, provides effective and comprehensive security against spam and malicious messages as well as various attack vectors at large in today’s email threat landscape.

|Fight Against Advanced Targeted Threats

Anti-spam & malicious IP database updates in real-time, detecting spam while also providing timely alerts

Database containing IP addresses that: host spam-advertised websites, provide DNS service to spammers, and that should not send unauthenticated SMTP email directly

End-to-end security: prevent malicious messages, including those from affiliate marketers, from reaching your inbox in the first place


Threat intelligence providing essential insights, helping eliminate spam and malicious URLs

Discover and block IP addresses of computers that are infected by malware and send spam or engage in malware-generated spam activity of any kind

Safeguard email infrastructure with anti-spam coverage that effectively identifies spam regardless of format, language, or content of the message

|Holistic Security Solution

State of the art spam filtration alongside antivirus engines to provide complete security against criminal spam of all kinds

Can be easily integrated with your email gateways to give you an instant security boost

Unparalleled support of specialized security specialists available at your beck and call, safeguarding you from known and unknown email threats

Pipeline Security’s Resilient Email Security Services

Email is the primary attack vector used by cybercriminals to inflict damage.

Protect your business from costly downtime, data egress, reputation loss, and identity as well as intellectual property theft by using Pipeline Security’s sophisticated email security solution – Anti Spam and Malicious IP Protection.

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