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Modern Email Threat Landscape

The cybersecurity landscape is continuously evolving with new attack variations emerging every other day. That being said, certain trends and threats continue to persist, given their effectiveness.
Emails are the number one attack vector with phishing and malware being the most prevalent and dangerous attacks threatening email users.


A social engineering attack in which cybercriminals masquerade themselves as a known and trusted entity, phishing tricks users into opening and responding to the malicious email that is sent to them. The motivation behind phishing varies from getting sensitive data to gaining a foothold in corporate networks.

It is estimated that 91% of all cyberattacks begin with a phishing email and phishing accounts for at least 80% of all reported cybersecurity incidents. What’s more is that each minute $17,700 is lost to phishing attacks. Surely, you wouldn’t want to be a victim of a phishing attack, would you?


A software that inflicts damage, disrupts or gains unauthorized access to a particular computer or network, malware aims to steal data, monitors users’ activity, and alter computer functions. Some of the different malware types include ransomware, viruses, trojan, and spyware.

The fact that 94% of malware is delivered via email, and the average cost of a malware attack on a company is $2.4 million highlights the need for businesses worldwide to guard against it.

Effective Email Security

Paramount for all businesses, modern email security consisting of a holistic and multi-layered approach is required to combat today’s cyber attacks. This is where Pipeline Security with its antiphishing and malware domain protection comes in.

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Secure Your Business Email With Pipeline Security

A robust and highly effective email security solution is a necessity for businesses – small and large – as it helps avoid costly data breaches, business downtime, and loss of reputation. Safeguard your digital assets and get the peace of mind to focus on other essential aspects of your business with Pipeline Security’s AntiPhishing & Malware Domain Protection.

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